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We continue to partner with Diagnostic Imaging Centers, PA to bring mobile mammography to you at The Family Physicians. 

Unfortunately, extensive repairs to the mobile mammography van have required cancellation of all appointments until the next projected date that the van will be available: March 16, 2023. We will update as more dates are added.

On appointment days:

The van is available from 8am to 4pm

•Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are encouraged. Schedule your appointment by calling 620-380-6619.

•Women 40 years and older do not need a doctor’s order for screening (non-symptomatic) mammograms.

•Women 35-39 years old may obtain a baseline screening mammogram. They should check with their insurance provider prior to the screening for plan eligibility and coverage.

•You will need your insurance card and the name of your primary care physician.

•A credit/debit card (no cash or checks) can be used for uninsured patients.

•Patients should not be pregnant or be breastfeeding.

•The coach is not ADA-accessible due to vehicle parameters.

•On the day of your mammogram, please wear a two-piece outfit so you don’t have to fully disrobe and avoid lotions, deodorants, and powders above the waist.

It is important to maintain your health through obtaining important screening tests and imaging.  If you need a mammogram, we encourage you to schedule one soon.

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