If you need to be seen for a routine visit, Medicare and insurance companies have implemented emergency measures to cover phone consultations with your provider at The Family Physicians during the COVID-19 crisis.

This coverage allows patients to communicate us without having to make a trip to the clinic…keeping you much safer. These virtual check-ins are for those who are already patients at The Family Physicians. If you are a new patient, you must be first seen at the clinic.

The guidelines: A phone consultation cannot be related to a medical visit at The Family Physicians within the previous 7 days and cannot not lead to a medical visit to our clinic within the next 24 hours (or soonest appointment available). You will also need to verbally consent to receiving the phone consultation.

We applaud these efforts to keep those patients needing routine visits safe from COVID-19 exposure. Hopefully, this new way of meeting your healthcare needs will provide you with greater peace of mind during this difficult time.


Protecting your health is, as it always has been, our priority.